Water-based 2K coating with good weather resistance

Water-based 2K coating with good weather resistance The weather-resistant water-based paint has no foaming property and it is prepared by mixing a hydroxyl functional acrylic polymer component and a water-dispersed isocyanate component. The hydroxy-functional acrylic polymer component comprises a

Pearlescent plastic ink in the gravure in the fifth com…

Fifth, the strength of stripping force after composite printing 1, the correct choice of pearl ink model, performance and use, determine the printing or printing. 2. Select the appropriate glue and thinner. 3, control the compound when the amount of glue, temperature, tension and so on. 4, mas

"Living" artwork screen printing technology

On the eve of the Spring Festival, I went to the Guiyang Temple near Hanyang District to learn about the market for paintings and calligraphy. I saw a small vertical billboard at the front door of a incense store on Cuiwei Wang Road. The livelihood show was unveiled. I went to the store to appreci

Technical defects and remedies of printing inks (4)

Whitening: Fault phenomenon; Ink or varnish (also known as paint), which produces a frost-like ink film or a varnish film during drying or filming, is called whitening, often referred to as whitening. Usually produced in the solvent evaporation drying ink printing or coating production process,

Multi-dimensional design thinking analysis (on)

For most of the time since Bauhaus, design activities have often been endowed with social reform ideals, which are often over-exaggerated in their utopian colors. To date, design activities have returned to its essence, and it has been announced to the world. : Design is nothing, design is design

Opening device, package and method for providing packag…

Patent name: Opening device, package, and method of providing package with opening device Patent applicants: Tetra Valle Group and Finance Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Swiss Ply Inventor N. Dumkeyer Application (patent) No. 200380105130.1 Application date 2003.11.19 Certification date App

Grinding process common failure analysis - poor gloss

1. Poor gloss (1) Failure phenomenon Viscosity of the varnish oil is small or the content of the resin in the system is small, and the varnish coating is thin; the substrate is rough and uneven, and the varnish absorption is too strong; the anilox roller or the gravure printing dot is fine and sh