Drag chain bearing expert igus adds new products

Quick installation, fully dismountable engineering plastic base bearing Igus has recently introduced a new pedestal bearing that can be completely split into two parts, thus expanding its "igtubal" product line. The significant advantage of this product is that this non-lubricated beari

HP Indigo Winning Magic

With the rapid development of the world's digital graphic arts industry, the printing industry has entered the era of digital printing from the traditional printing industry. With the differentiation of various types of printing industries, more new types of digital printing have emerged and c

New product packaging design steps and key points

For SMEs, there is no big budget for advertising or public relations, but the motivation and demand for branding is the same. Under such circumstances, it is no doubt wise to start branding one by one. The packaging design is undoubtedly a crucial link in brand building, and it is also a key link

Brief Discussion on Several Influencing Factors of Inkj…

First, color conversion In nature, all colors are composed of different wavelengths of light. When light passes through the prism, the spectra produced by the various wavelengths of light can be seen. "Spectral" can be said to be a natural phenomenon of continuous color mixing, but we c

Fourteen principles that cannot be ignored when determi…

Printing color sequence will directly affect the quality of printed products. In order to obtain a good copying effect, the following principles must be followed: 1. Color sequence according to the brightness of the three primary colors: The brightness of the three primary colors is reflected on

The unique features of water-based film products

The film has three kinds of oiliness, water-based and hot-press precoating (dry), and the production process of oily and hot-press precoating (dry) film is polluted. It is a production process that has gradually been eliminated, and the water-based film is economical. Affordability is a popular mo

Imax 7000 Series

Imaje also recently introduced a new generation of etched C02 laser marking machines. According to Frances Barrow, Imaje’s collective product manager, “Imaje 7000 series is a major advance in engraving laser technology.” The 7000 Series will not stop due to thermal problems even