Grinding process common failure analysis - poor gloss

1. Poor gloss (1) Failure phenomenon Viscosity of the varnish oil is small or the content of the resin in the system is small, and the varnish coating is thin; the substrate is rough and uneven, and the varnish absorption is too strong; the anilox roller or the gravure printing dot is fine and sh

Partial packaging for fluid food

[Abstract] Partial package (10) for fluid foods, having a straw (18) detachably attached to a side (16) of the package, and a closed opening for inserting the straw (12). According to the invention, the straw (18) is detachably attached to the side (16) of the package by means of one or two films

Flexo printing substrate - ink adhesion enhancement met…

In order to obtain good ink adhesion on the substrate, the ink and substrate must have compatible surface tension and surface energy. Surface tension refers to the energy required for the liquid molecules to attach to the surface, and the surface energy is used to describe the energy required for

Cylindrical smoking cessation sugar and packaging metho…

The utility model relates to a cylindrical smoke cessation sugar, a single smoking cessation sugar is a cylinder structure, an outer arc surface of the cylinder is a paper packaging layer, an overlap interface of the paper packaging layer is parallel to the axis of the cylinder, and a three-phase

Formulation and Essence of Packaging "Moderation&q…

4.2 Idea change "approach" is feasible and mainstream formation After intensive preparations for the first half of the year, coupled with the strong cooperation of public opinion and propaganda, the effective supervision of the business administration department finally appeared on the e

DSM Develops New Process for Powder Plastic Fuels from …

DSM recently developed a new process that combines paper mill waste with recycled waste plastics to produce powdered fuel. The powdered fuel contains up to 60% plastic and burns efficiently. At present, this new process has been verified at a paper mill in the Netherlands and has now applied for a

Application of UV Curing In Large Format Printing (I)

In order to meet the market demand for printing of various non-absorbent materials, the application of UV ink curing solutions has become more and more extensive, and it has been developed in the field of large-format printing, replacing a part of the UV screen printing market. Detail the advantag