Sheet and electronic component packaging containers

【Abstract】 In order to prevent the electrostatic destruction of electronic components, the surface layer of the container that is in contact with the electronic component has a high surface resistivity, and a layer having a higher conductivity than that is stacked thereunder, so that the surface resistivity of the surface layer is high. In the next layer. With the electronic component packaging container having such a structure, the static electricity carried by the electronic component is not quickly discharged from the electronic component to the surface of the electronic component packaging container, but is gradually discharged, so that electrostatic destruction can be prevented. The surface layer is preferably formed of a material similar to the charged column of the electronic component.

Sovereign Items 1. A sheet characterized by having a conductive layer containing a thermoplastic resin and a conductive filler having a surface resistivity of 102 to 1012 Ω/□, and a surface resistivity on both sides or one side of the conductive layer The surface layer is 109 to 1014 Ω/□, and the surface resistivity of the surface layer is higher than the surface resistivity of the conductive layer.

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