DSM Develops New Process for Powder Plastic Fuels from Waste Plastics

DSM recently developed a new process that combines paper mill waste with recycled waste plastics to produce powdered fuel. The powdered fuel contains up to 60% plastic and burns efficiently. At present, this new process has been verified at a paper mill in the Netherlands and has now applied for a patent.

It is understood that this kind of powdered fuel can be used to dry, chop, and dry the excess water in the papermaking waste to a moisture content of less than 5%, and the material containing plastic and paper material is sent from the dryer to a special granulator. . The plastic melts during the granulation process and forms a hard, uniform, easily-stored powder pellet that does not cause dust. This powder pellet can be used in power plants and cement kilns to replace coal. (Qian Bozhang)

Source: China Chemical News

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