Formulation and Essence of Packaging "Moderation" (III)

4.2 Idea change "approach" is feasible and mainstream formation

After intensive preparations for the first half of the year, coupled with the strong cooperation of public opinion and propaganda, the effective supervision of the business administration department finally appeared on the eve of the festival with encouraging results. At present, it appears that the producers are seriously implementing self-discipline, and packaging meets the appropriate requirements for resource conservation. Consumers have increased their awareness of saving, and moderate packaging has become popular and widely accepted by the market. According to media investigations, mooncakes have become popular in bulk this year, accounting for about 70% of the moon cake display area. At the same time, the tying of moon cake packaging has apparently converged. A small number of non-compliant producers and operators can only obscure their operations.

In short, irregularities or disguised irregularities are no longer the climate, and "moderate packaging" has become the mainstream, the general trend has been set. In particular, due to the successful trial of proper packaging of moon cakes, it has provided an exemplary role for other "over-packaged" product packaging improvements. At the same time, it also proves that the "Interim Measures for Moderate Packaging of Shanghai Goods" is effective and feasible.

5, packaging waste is the focus of resource recycling

The reduction of packaging and the recycling of packaging waste, as an important measure for establishing a conservation-oriented society and implementing a recycling cycle, have been explicitly implemented in the important chapters listed in the “Measures”. The large amount of packaging waste and the value that can be created are even more impressive, and it is highly valued by countries around the world. Some experts predict that in the 10 years of the new century, 50% of the garbage in daily life in developed countries will be recycled and become "new economic growth points."

5.1 China's packaging waste recycling is relatively backward

According to information, the United States annually produces 100 million tons of packaging waste; the EU produces 80 million tons of packaging waste each year; Japan produces 21 million tons of packaging waste each year. It has been measured that China's packaging waste is about 15 million tons. Shanghai's packaging waste generates about 1.6 million tons annually.

However, recycling in developed countries is excellent, and we are relatively backward. For example, there are 150,000 people in the United States who rely on the recycling of old waste paper cartons for their livelihood. The annual recovery includes more than 40 million tons of waste paper. The European Community plans to double the amount of waste glass recycling, saving 25,000 liters of oil, saving 2 million tons of raw materials, and saving $11.8 million in waste disposal fees. Take waste paper recycling as an example, China's recycling rate is only 35%

Schedule 2 China's "10th Five-Year" Packaging Waste Recycling Index

Normal align=center> Products

Normal align=center> Total

Normal align=center> Paper Packaging

Normal align=center> Plastic Packaging

Normal align=center> Metal Packaging

Normal align=center> Glass Packaging

Normal align=center> Recovery rate

Normal align=center> 43%

Normal align=center> 40%

Normal align=center> 20%

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