Cylindrical smoking cessation sugar and packaging method

The utility model relates to a cylindrical smoke cessation sugar, a single smoking cessation sugar is a cylinder structure, an outer arc surface of the cylinder is a paper packaging layer, an overlap interface of the paper packaging layer is parallel to the axis of the cylinder, and a three-phase phase is arranged in the paper packaging layer. The cylindrical structure is followed by edible sugar bodies in the middle and inedible filling bodies at both ends. A number of cylinders of smoking cessation sugar form a packet and are packaged in a flip-top hard box. The clamshell hard box is a rectangular parallelepiped, which is divided into two parts, the box cover and the box body, and the two are integrated on the back of the box body. The clamshell hard box is box skin, inner lining, aluminum foil paper from outside to inside, and is wrapped by aluminum foil paper. Quit sugar; lining wrapped aluminum foil packet, leaving a groove in one end of the packet, the groove extends to the middle of the front face of the packet; the inner lining forms a closed face on the other end face of the packet and the top surface adjacent to the end face. The function of the groove is to provide a space for the fingers to pick up and take out the smoking cessation sugar, and the function of the closed surface is to restrain the smoking cessation of sugar from being arbitrarily removed.

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